Pricing and Package Options

Tiered Rates & Varied Options Planning a wedding can be a complex and overwhelming undertaking. Venue rates vary depending on the season, day of the week, number of guests, rental options, etc. To make things simpler, we have designed three prefabricated options with scaling price points to help you manage your budget while still providing an unforgettable experience. Call or Go to our website to schedule a tour to discuss pricing in more detail.​

Our Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we reserve our date?

Email, call or text us! ( – 802.265.6292) Schedule a visit on our website, call or text to inquire about available dates. 

Are there photography locations available for wedding photos, engagement photos, or social media posts?

The entire property is an operating farm set in the rolling meadows of the Champlain Valley. There are numerous outdoor locations that will provide stunning and unique opportunities for photo and video memories. The Kingston Place barns and homestead also provide character, color, and countless fun ways to frame your special day. Even if you don’t book your special day with us, we invite you to contact for your engagement or social media photos. We are very proud of the beauty of Kingston Place and love to share it. 

How do I figure out how much it will cost to book?

Well, flexibility and customization are important to us, so the only way is to determine a rate is to contact us via phone, email or text. Due to our tiered rates and varied packages, we determine your cost based on what you want and need! Once you have chosen to book, we do require a small deposit to hold your date. 

How many guests can the barn accommodate?

The barn will easily accommodate up to 240 guests. 

Can we have our ceremony and reception on-site?

Yes, we offer an outdoor ceremony site with pastoral views of the valley a beautiful arbor perfect for decorating.

Can we get ready on-site?

Absolutely! We offer several rooms divided perfectly for the Bride/Bridesmaids and the Groom and his Groomsmen to primp and prep for their ceremony and re-adjust or change before the reception.

Will there be anyone on-site during my event?

Yes. We want to make sure your special day doesn’t hit any roadblocks or stumbles. We will have one or more staff available on the day to answer any last minute questions or concerns. For larger weddings, we will also facilitate parking. We like to give you your space throughout the day, but we will be on-site to will be available by phone call or text if there should be anything that you need! 

Will there be any other events going on during my event?

No, we only schedule one event per weekend to give you as much time to prepare and decorate for your big day.

Are there tables and chairs included in the rental fee?

Yes! We have tables and chairs that will accommodate up to 150 guests. 

Can we add additional decorations and lighting to the barn?

Yes, go crazy! Make it your fairy tale honky-tonk, bohemian dream. However, for the safety of you and your guests, and our ancestral family farm we must insist upon; No fireworks, bubbles inside the barn, or confetti and all candles in the barn must be flameless.

Is smoking allowed?

We provide a designated smoking area outside of the barn. Laws and Regulations prohibit smoking inside the venue.  

What are the rules and requirements for serving alcohol?

The Wedding Barn at Kingston Place does not operate a liquor license for the use of guests. Renters must employ a caterer/vendor with appropriate licensure or obtain a single day license from the proper issuing authority. We can help walk you through this process and there provide more involved instructions in the booking contract. 

Is there space for lawn games?

Yes! Directly in front of the barn is a circular lawn, flat enough and big enough for all types of lawn games… our favorite: cornhole! 

Is catering included?

No, we do not have an onsite caterer, but The Wheel Inn is just miles away and caters the majority of our weddings here at the barn. 

Do you have on-site catering or facilities for caterers to use?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities necessary to accommodate catering for large events, however, we do have a suggested list of caterers which continues to grow as customers find new and interesting vendors. Our favorite: BBQ. 

What if it rains and our ceremony can't be outside?

No problem at all! We have an extra length pull barn with barn sliding doors just steps from the reception barn that will offer a perfect space and aisle length for your ceremony. And, it includes beams inside that can easily be decorated with lights or other decorations of your choice. 

Where can the bridal party & groomsmen get ready?

The house has been the perfect place for the bridesmaids to get ready. There are plenty of rooms that provide ample space for parties of all sizes. The Falkenbury Guest House is a few hundred feet away from our property, and can be booked ahead of time to accommodate family members and groomsmen so everyone can get ready close by! 

Where do guests stay?

Most wedding guests book rooms in the local Bed & Breakfasts and Air BnB’s. There are also two hotels (Holiday Inn & Hampton Inn) in Rutland, Vermont — 25 miles away right off of Route 4. We suggest exploring a shuttle option for anyone who wants to avoid driving the night of the wedding. 

Is this a working farm?

Yes, it is. Kingston Place is the headquarters of Vermont Natural Beef LLC — owned and operated by Carl and Jaime King. Kingston Place has been operating as a farm since Carl’s ancestor Eldad King established the homestead during the French and Indian War. Although there are no longer dairy cows and draft horses in our barns, you will see our pasture raised cattle grazing nearby in the meadows alongside the residential property. Beyond Kingston Place, there are over 800 acres of farmland used by Vermont Natural Beef. And, we can assure you that on your wedding day, you will not be interrupted by farm activity of any kind.